Upholstery Cleaning

Most of the people underrate the need and necessity of regular upholstery cleaning. However, the core benefit of regularly opting for upholstery cleaning reduces the chances of any stain becoming permanent. We provide upholstery cleaning service in and around Canberra. Any kind of Upholstery cleaning is a technical task, which requires experience, dedicated approach and specialised instruments. Professional upholstery cleaning is the best and effective way of getting back the original brightness and feel of sofas and chairs, and our upholstery cleaning service in Castle Hill and Stanhope Gardens does it with 100% customer satisfaction.

Choose professional upholstery cleaning service by Canberracarpetcleaners.com and book online best of our affordable services into canberra. We are proud to provide best of customers satisfaction again and again through excellent upholstery cleaning services into Canberra . We specialised affordable upholstery cleaning service in Canberra with wide range and types of fabrics like silk, cotton, velour, corduroy, leather, fast fabrics and more.

Our upholstery cleaning service done by a team of people having years of experience in same field. Also our cleaning treatment of upholstery in Stanhope Gardens comes with the right selection of cleaning solution depending on fabric. Our service in Canberra for upholstery cleaning starts with examination and if require doing the small test on the fabric of yours. Also we optimise our upholstery cleaning treatment with low moisture so it gets dry quickly and back to normal use.


There are many reasons that makes Dev Cleaners, Canberra one of the best upholstery cleaning service providers in your location. Our team before starting any cleaning process thoroughly inspect the product and provide full quote for the same.

Fabric Stain Removal : Our stain and spot cleaning process from upholstery is awesome. Across Canberra we have cleaned thousands of upholstery with whatever the type. Perhaps this is the reason why when it comes to stain removal from upholstery, customers always trust Canberra Carpet Cleaning

Dust Removal : Canberra Carpet Cleaning, Canberra understands how crucial your family’s well-being is and how it affects through the fine dust in your upholstery. Hay fever, asthma and other allergies related issues are very common amongst the family with dusty upholstery. Our vacuum process of removing dust mites from the upholstery helps families to have safe homely environment.

Vaporising & Odour Removal : Most of the families in Canberra are now have pets. And well we all know what they can do with your favourite sofas. Canberra Carpet Cleaning’ upholstery cleaning service is targeted to remove smells, contaminants and stains. Also our sanitisation process will speedily restore original freshness and feel of your upholstery.


What Chemicals Used while Upholstery Cleaning?

We use specialised chemicals for upholstery cleaning in Canberra. Our cleaning chemicals are completely safe for your upholstery, fabric, texture and colour. If your product is guided with any sensitive chemical guidelines then we can offer alternative way also to clean upholstery.

What are the steps Involves in Upholstery Cleaning?

We start with thorough inspection of the furniture to determine the level of dirt, odour, stain and more. We may examine little patch if require with cleaning process which is generally non visible part if require. After the test technician will apply foam cleaner all over the fabric for cleaning with soft brush and wipe it with cotton cloth.

When & Where is you service Available?

We are strategically located in Canberra.

How Long Does It Take to Dry?

This is purely depends on the material of the Upholstery. If it is wool fiber or corduroy they it may take up to seven hours. Other than that fabric like silk, velour and fast fabric takes three to six hours to dry.

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