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Best Tile & Grout Cleaning in Canberra

If you are looking for highly experienced and professional tile and grout cleaning services in Canberra that offers affordable and best cleaning services than you are just a phone call away. From one time job or monthly cleaning contract for tile and grout cleaning and restoration, we can offer customised and affordable package that fit all your needs. At Canberra Carpet Cleaning, we know better how important it is to keep your tiled floor and walls in best condition and how daunting that task could be at the same time if you want to do it yourself. Particularly grout has porous structure that attracts dirt, grime and grease to penetrate and leads to spoiling the overall look of the floor and your premises.

Tiled floors and surfaces are destined to lose their glow and lust as time flow. In fact rubbing and mopping do not effectively yield the good results. It only removes the dirt and debris from the surface and not from the embedded dirt that causes the grout to look dull. At Canberra Carpet Cleaning, Canberra’s leading tile and grout cleaners helps you to restore tile and grout neat and clean. Also our grout sealing compound maintain the clean grout for months by making your regular home maintenance and cleaning more adorable and effervescent. Depending the age and exposure of grout it may discoloured or lose some of it strength. We offer grout recolouring and restoring service that gives your tiled floor totally a new look.

At Canberra Carpet Cleaning, we offer deep tile cleaning and grout restoration service for your tiles and grout be it on floor or wall or be it inside or out. We make sure that your tile and grout restore to actual condition and stay cleaner for longer. Tile and grout cleaning service at Canberra is designed to maintain your floor effectively and more easily through daily moping. Our floor cleaning comes with 100% client satisfaction job that last for longer duration without much maintenance.



Our tile and grout cleaning services provides high quality, expertise and tailored process according to your needs and tile damage in Canberra. Our team of professional cleaners will fit your budget perfectly and give you top-notch tile and grout cleaning in Canberra. Here are few benefits that you will get by hiring our tile and grout cleaning services.


    • Fully trained and experienced staff with friendly behaviour and professional approach.
    • We work with wide range of tile cleaning equipment and techniques for better and faster cleaning.
    • All our cleaning solutions are eco-friendly and non-hazardous.
    • Affordable rates – our tile and grout cleaning in Canbera comes with competitive price that makes our cleaning service more customer friendly.
    • Customised package – we provide customised package for monthly cleaning and tow or more tile cleaning services.


Pre Inspection : our tile and grout cleaning technicians will deeply inspect the area and it’s condition before starting the services. They will also inform you for any flimsy, moving or lose tiles or portion to avoid damage.

Area Preparation : We will prepare surrounding areas around the tiles to be cleaned. This is to make sure not to disturb any carpeted or wood flooring or other furniture of yours. Also all the furniture that are on the floor to be cleaned will be removed.

Soil Suspension : we use highest quality of eco-friendly chemicals. The cleaning agent will be spray over the entire surface of tile and grout.

Cleaning : Complex and difficult areas will be clean manually with brush. For really challenging areas and corners mechanical rotating brush will be used.

Rinsing : Our team of tile and grout cleaning in Bella Vista will then rinse a solution through the pumping machine during cleaning, sanitizing and balancing the pH of your floor.

Finishing : if required for grout to be re-colourized or restore then it will be done before sealing process.

Post Inspection : Our tile and grout cleaning service team will initiate a walk through and go over results before leaving.

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